A Friend is life’s amazing blessing; a priceless gift that can never be bought, sold or forgotten in our lifetime. Every individual will have a best friend (sakhaa) in their life. If I was ever asked “who is my best friend?” Instantly I would answer to their question saying “GOD is my best friend”. If asked why so???? My answer to them would be because “GOD is a true friend in everyone’s life, who is always with us, within us, around us”. GOD is our true friend. All worldly pleasures and comforts are like passing clouds when he is with us. If we have GOD with us, we will have everything including happiness and peace of mind. We should always make an effort to pray and thank GOD for what he has given us in our lives at least few minutes in a day.

The government or any organization for that matter will have various departments like production, servicing, finance, manufacturing etc. Every department will have its own leader or chief who will take care of well functioning of his department. If we take the entire world as one single organization with different countries as various departments in it. The chief of this organization undoubtedly is GOD who has a control over every department. We should always remember, GOD is our true guardian our true mentor, when we are helpless, when we need him, when we sleep, even when we ignore and forget to thank him. He never forgets us. He is a sakhaa who does not require any kind of offering. He is always been helpful, merciful, blissful, full of content and ever free to guide and help us. Doing our duty is prime offering given by us to him.

In today’s world there are many people who claim themselves as our best friends but in reality they attach themselves to us only for some advantage or their selfish purpose, which we won’t be aware of. They try to can gain advantage of our kindness. When they realize that we are no longer helpful to them they show their true color and bid good-bye to us. Only GOD is our true friend who will rush toward his devotee/child faster than his own devotee/child rush towards HIM. If we take one step towards Him, He will take a thousand steps towards his children’s! Since he can’t be present everywhere at same time and take care of his dear children, he created most beautiful persons in our life “PARENTS”, who constantly take care of us, love us and guide us in every moment of life.Satya Sai Baba in his inimitable style says “Parents are given that name because it is through them that we have wonderful chance of life on this earth. For the sacrifices that they have made for us we must PAY RENTS to them”.

The world itself is a very vast Gurukul (place where teacher and student both learn and grow together) i.e. very great mentor and teacher of our life. We are students of this Gurukul from our birth to death. That’s why we are surrounded by the world which gives us a new experience every day. We can learn our lesson from animals, birds, other people; only thing is that we should will and have thirst to learn more from our life.

Faith in our best friend, GOD is the secure foundation on which our hope has to be built. The faith has to be stable and strong and not filled with any doubts. Thinking every time whether god will help me out or no? Most of us remember GOD only when we are in trouble, when we find no way out of that trouble, finally when our ends are at fire. We look only at one side and see all the disconnected and loose ends of our life, ignore to try out other options and say, 'What a mess my life is!’, whereas God sees on the other side and sighs, 'How beautiful you have become!’. Every incident that takes place in our life will bring some change in us. We should always have trust and faith in our best friend that he will come to our rescue one day. It should to be very clear and without any doubts in our mind.

The most famous adage in Sanskrit which says “KARTHAVAYAM DAIVAMANIKYAM” is so true. It means that doing our Karma (work /responsibility) assigned to us should be done and there should be no turning back. Each will have his allotted task it should be done deep from our heart. We should welcome both pain and grief; so that we get both success and failure as hammer-strokes to shape us into very good human beings filled with inner contentment ”Paramanada” which is very very important than the outer success and prosperity.

Only one GOD is present in everyone that should be a feeling within every individual with no differences in our mind. Our mind is like a wild monkey which is not very stable many a times. We should never follow our mind. We should always believe and follow our conscience. It’s only our conscience and confidence within us, which truly directs us towards the goals in our life.

Everyone on this world have equal right at GOD’s home irrespective of any differences. He gives us what we deserve in our life .We should never desire for anything. He surely knows what we deserve and gives us during the right time of our life, when it is truly deserved by us. To know divine we should develop pure divine thoughts. Everyone try to seek joy in far off places and peace in silent and quiet spots; but the spring of joy is in our own hearts. The heaven of peace is within us. GOD is present everywhere in everything around us. We should adore everyone as we adore our GOD. We should have a feeling that everyone is one. We should strengthen this real truth. The one who want to seek and know God from close proximity must steel themselves to bear insult, injury and torture, with a smile.

I would say everyone to welcome god as our best friend from our true heart. I would definitely say all to "Follow the Master". By 'Master' I mean the Conscience within us, the Voice of God. This will surely lead us to the fulfillment of goals in our life, which would finally help us to be successful both from within as well as in our life. It will make us the best individuals.

The world will be so beautiful place to live, filled with good and best people all around. I am very sure that everyone is very eagerly waiting for that particular time when we will be able to find so many good people around us. Seriously our world is going to be so beautiful!! And a safe place to live wherein we will be able to experience the true happiness and peace of mind.

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