Life always gives us many second chances, but it’s always disguised. We find it very hard to notice the second chances in our life. I believe and hope a lot on second chances given by life. Many of us may or may not get second chances most of the time, but when we do have a second chance our heart should be wide open for this special opportunity given by our life. In fact I am very lucky in this matter as I had many “second chances” in my life. Second chances, also the so-called “coincidences” that happens in our life. The coincidences in our life could be because of our dreams being converted into reality or it could be a trap set by our foes with their hidden selfish negative intentions.

In life, we will always get second chances. The only thing that should be remembered is that we should be open for it….At times when we think hard we will find that many of us find it very difficult to understand and learn simple things in life. Why we find these simple stuffs difficult to follow? The answer to this is merely very simple. The simple things which we find it hard to understand should be made enjoyable. What ever we do we need to enjoy the feel of doing it. When we enjoy the simple things that we make in our life it’s truly rewarding, the happiness that we get can’t be measured by any means.

Everyone, in this world are busy in their everyday life. They rarely get time to spend time with their dear ones. They all have very well learnt how to strive in this competing world. They have learnt all the tactics to compete, to win, to live their life .But having learnt all these tactics they have forgotten the simple things of life. They have lost the beauty of understanding the simple things of life. Many of them have forgotten how to smile, to enjoy the smell of fresh mud, the sound of chirping birds, the roar of water waves at oceans.

People have become so busy with setting up their career and striving for success in life. They have forgotten their family and their dear ones. Many do regret later in their life that they have lost most precious moments of their life. If asked any top business tycoons of the world, they will surely regret that they have never been able to give time to their near and dear ones. They also regret that they were so busy in their business that they have missed to see the smiles of their children. If they were granted the second chance in their life they would surely want to enjoy these precious moments of their life.

There are many a times life will offer us second chance ….but are we aware of it?????No, most of us won’t be aware of it. It’s very difficult to tame our mind and control it as per our wish. One thing that we can certainly predict about our mind is that it is absolutely uncertain. It is a madhouse. Most of the time, our mind will be filled with random, unconnected and meaningless thoughts. Always there remains a constant chattering noise of our worries in our mind’s background. Life is very unpredictable at times and we truly have a little control over our life and mind. We should learn to curb our desires and expectations from life. This will 100% help to avoid major disappointment and unhappiness in our life.

We should learn to approach our thoughts and decisions positively in life. We should be grateful for the small happiness and simple pleasures in our life. The key source to success and happiness is what we do and act when life seems to blind side us. During that period of time, the action taken by us matters a lot. Great people have always said”Use your past as a positive stepping stone, rather than an obstacle”. Recently, I realized the truth in this statement when I was given second chance in my life. It was very hard for me to realize the second chance given by life to me. It was the sole support given by my parents and close friends that I was made to realize this fact. Thanks to them that I learnt a very important lesson in my life i.e. always remember the event occurred in your past and handle it with hope and courage. Never be disheartened and lose hope in your life.

We should Tune our current situation and also should move on from those old mistakes of our life. It’s not wise to repeat them again in our life. It’s misusing of the second chance given by life. Our mind may loiter with thoughts from past to present and present to past. We should come over all these and try to remind our self to let go of the past mistakes and focus on what’s currently going on. We should try to make a new start of living in the world of faith and optimism. We should expect that life will give us what we need and give when we need it. This is a long way process, we should be very patient and wait for best things in our life.

In fact, in Hindu mythology the word “second chance” is equivalent to reincarnation. Every life is a chance given to us, but chance for what????The choice of utilizing this chance is solely in our hands. It’s true that we really can’t control our life .But we should decide whether we want to utilize this second chance for our betterment and be our on best friend or just let go off that chance and be our own worst enemy.

It is perhaps very true that we always get second chance in our life. The question is: do we have that courage, willingness and patience to accept this second chance. We should be able to make different choice the second time and there should be no regrets in our life. We should open our heart wide and accept the opportunity .The opportunity given is just like a blessing in disguise and we should make fruitful use of this opportunity.

Second chances allow people to make those vital corrections and also allow people to make the same mistakes, thus making the impact of those mistakes even harder. If we had not don’t that mistake in our life we would never have learnt the impact of our mistake and moved ahead in our life. We would have been stuck with our mistake and remain stagnant in our life. We would never have known the bright side of our life. The power lies with us to make a difference in our life and move ahead in our life. It’s incomplete with the support and encouragement of our near and dear ones.

You make the choice; the power to make a choice rests solely in your hands!!!

Thank God we all don’t get what we expect in our life. At times expecting a lot doesn’t seem to work out. Instead, God grants us with second chances. We all get his grace and he helps us to shape our future in a better way than we thought previously. Seriously the second chance in our life is god’s blessing in disguise.

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On October 11, 2009 at 2:06 AM , Pratiba Bhat said...

Priyanka... you have to do a favor for me. Please teach me how to improve my vocabulary.... :D :D :D ;D

On October 11, 2009 at 2:40 PM , djd said...

+1 even me :P

On October 11, 2009 at 3:32 PM , anupama said...

nice article dear. never thought of 2nd chance in my life :) shld wait n watch.

On October 12, 2009 at 1:06 AM , aparnayak said...

Very nice dear..Awaiting for new ones... :)

On October 13, 2009 at 1:41 AM , ಗೌತಮ್ ಹೆಗಡೆ said...


On October 13, 2009 at 11:21 PM , ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Nice article with good wordings,

On October 14, 2009 at 9:29 PM , Umesh Balikai said...

Hi Priyanka,

Nice and thoughtful article. Second chances are the golden chances which we can't afford to miss. We might have had missed in the first-chance but by the time we get a second-chance, we will be well aware of its importance. So, we should not miss it at any cost.

Awaiting more and more enlightening write-ups from you. BTW, if you know Kannada, you can try your hand in writing in Kannada also.

Best Wishes,
- Umesh

On October 15, 2009 at 7:12 PM , Geethashri said...

very nice article...

On February 26, 2010 at 3:14 AM , vishal said...

your thought's r good...but don't repeat the thing's what you have told the way its appreciating..good job


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