Yesterday, while I was thinking of a topic for my next blog; I received a message which stated that “The time is the most elastic thing in the world” .Its so true! That’s the reason why I picked up this topic for my blog. Time lengthens, when we wait for the right time in our life and it shorthens when we seem to enjoy our life to the fullest. We feel that life is so short. We crave for more time in our life. Time is an entity which is the most valuable asset of our life. It is a very important factor in every one’s life. No one can ever escape from the time’s grasping hands. It’s very important that we make the best possible use of precious time in our life; we can improve ourselves and achieve the set goals of our life.

The most precious thing in our life is Time. Everyone is familiar with a famous adage which states, "Time and tide wait for none." If we fail to make the proper / wise use of time, later on for the rest of our life we will surely regret for wasting time. If a question is posed say” Will we get back this time again in our life? The answer would be: No, this passed time will never come back in our life. Once time is gone, it will never return . Whether everyone agree with me or not I feel that what we are today is basically because of our actions taken in the past and the actions that we will be taking today will help to change our life and our future. The actions taken by us to should be correct and wise enough. Therefore right from today we should act towards our life’s goals; otherwise the time which we would waste will never come back to us.

If i was asked to choose between money and time. My choice would obviously be time. I feel time is more powerful than money in this world. Time is priceless and it never waits for anyone .The value of time is undoubtedly incredible. It is something that we cannot regain once it slips fro our hands. But it is impossible to get back that point of time that has slipped away from our hand. Therefore, one must be very careful about spending it. Whereas Money is something which most people crave in their life. They never get satisfied with the money they have, they long for more money in their life. The more money you get or earn, the more money you want. If we lose money we can gain it back, we can earn hard to get more money. The money is usually used to buy goods and other essential commodities of our life; it’s not everything because it can’t buy time. But once we lose time we will lose it forever. To state few examples about the importance of time are as follows: if a student doesn’t seem to care about his study time properly may fail in his exams, if a Patient not given medication on time may die due to his illness. How important even a single second is can be known from a person who has lost time. No person can defeat time.

Time can bring money but money cannot bring back the time, time once swept away cannot be brought back .I would say time incredibly has a magic wand with it, which can change everything in a split second .The richest person of the world can become a beggar and a beggar can become crorepathi in just a couple of seconds. The time sometimes brings along with it lots of friendly people in our life and at times we will be only surrounded with foes. The time makes things to happen or occur according to our wish but at times nothing will seem to work as per our wish. Time can also heal our wounds or make it worse wanting us to suffer more. Everything remains in the fists of the powerful time.

We hear most of them complaining (including me) saying that “I don’t have time” / “we don’t get enough time” / “where’s time to do all this!” / “how can we manage so many things at once” so on. Everyone gets only 24 hrs in a day; no one will ever get a single second more than 24 hrs .Every morning we get precious 24 hrs of day with us. It’s up to us how we decide to utilize it. We need to prioritize by our self deciding what we want to do, to utilize this precious time. To take the maximum benefit of our time firstly we should organize our self very well or else we will regret later after some one takes away our precious time. Now the question lies is “How to manage time very well?”The answer to this question is not same for every person. It differs from person to person. It’s mainly because what is important for me may not be same for the other person. It’s very important that we assign priorities and then utilize the time very wisely. It’s important to understand our priority and our goals set in our life. No one can change our life unless we have an inner desire to bring changes in our life.

According to the saying “Take time to work for it is the price of Success; but never take time to waste.” we should be so careful while spending our time. It’s a very important asset in our life which even money can’t buy .Life is very beautiful, so enjoy it and take time to think and plan for future which rests solely in our hands. The world has become a busy centre where people do not have time to peek and look into others life. God has given us such a beautiful world of life; we should take time to think and plan to live a fruitful life and a meaningful life.

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On October 5, 2009 at 11:24 PM , Pratiba Bhat said...

Very true Priyanka. Time is the only resource that is freely available but non-renewable. You have hit the nail on the head !!!! You have lots to say still. So keep up the writing.... :D :D

On October 5, 2009 at 11:40 PM , Priyanka Prabhu said...

Thank you pratiba

On October 6, 2009 at 12:19 AM , Anonymous said...

very good article dear...... and a very true saying "Time and tide waits for none". its a message to all those idles who think how to waste the time. keep up the good work and keep up the writing :)

On October 7, 2009 at 11:44 PM , ಅರಕಲಗೂಡುಜಯಕುಮಾರ್ said...

yeah...:) time management is most important than any other things. So many personalities like Gandhi,Ambedkar, Vishveshwaraiah etc., are best example for time managers. Thanks for giving good read.

On October 11, 2009 at 12:35 AM , narendra said...

hey this is narendra...from nitte ome i am blogging since 10 months and have never come across this blog???

hope to se more of you..have made a note of the link...

(soon there shall be a bloggers nitte)

have given a cursory look..will return to read in detail..

On October 11, 2009 at 12:36 AM , narendra said...

also u can help me collect the list of other nitte bloggers..could you drop me a the more you my any comments..

looking forward to meet you..


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