Hello friends!!!!!! Firstly, let me wish everyone a very happy and a safe diwali. Hope this festival of light, lights up everyone’s life with happiness and joy. This time I have chosen a very interesting topic for my blog…..Any guesses?????? Ok let me just give you all a hint what is it all about. It’s avery important and an essential quality in our life. Haven’t guessed it yet!!!! Its ok friends let me tell you all what is it exactly…..The very important essence in one’s life is TRUST:).Isn’t it true friends????? I’m very sure that everyone will agree with me that its 100% true.

Along with many other aspects of our life, building a strong foundation of trust is very important. First and the foremost thing is that we need to trust ourselves .Without trusting ourselves the question that will arise is how can we trust anybody or how can anyone trust us?????When we try to build the trust factor within us, we truly represent ourselves well in front of others. And also we develop self confidence which is also very important aspect in our life.

A person who always fears and feels insecure will obviously find it difficult to trust himself as well as others. It’s understandable if he is afraid of strangers, wicked, selfish and cruel people around him. But if he is not able to trust his own family and friends, he will be left alone. Distrust will always lead to endless worries, unhappiness and tensions in life. Individuals who don't trust themselves and others create a lot of unhappiness around them. It will make their life miserable and worrisome.

In simple terms, we can tell trust is something which helps us to maintain comfort level without feeling unease when we are surrounded by people. It also means that we let others know about our inner feelings, emotions and we having confidence in them and respect for them. We tend to share all our inner thoughts with others with the belief that they will keep that secret to themselves and not spread them around. We also tend to place confidence in others so that they will be support us, we don’t even mind to let them know about our weaknesses. It’s basically the trust on them that lets us do all this. Trust is the factor, which lets us have a belief that we can find them around us when we will need them.

How will we feel if no one trusts us??????? If people stand at a distance when we talk to them, we surely will feel bad. If I am in that situation I seriously get irritated. Trust is very very important in my life. I was a person who would trust anyone at any time but certain things made me feel that it’s wrong. My close friends told me that its foolishness, they said to me that never give your blind trust to anyone .Think many number of times before trusting anyone blindly.

The important thing that I learnt from my past mistakes and my true friends that If you're naive enough to trust anyone you meet in the street, you're bound to get yourself into trouble. But that doesn’t mean that we should not believe and trust anyone, in fact we should be very careful enough while trusting people around us. The best thing to do is let our common sense guide us through our life. We should learn to when to keep people at a distance and when it's safe to believe and trust them. The prime thing is we should learn to meet life with trust.

Lack of trust always will lead to suspicion, suspicion will in turn generate anger, Anger will cause enmity to arouse and enmity will finally result in separation. Nowadays, this is the sole reason for the failure in most of the relationships.

When we have trust on our self and others, we can act as we want and as we wish. We can continue living our life peacefully because we will be surrounded by those who know you very well and trust you. We feel safer when we are surrounded by trustworthy people and focus our time and energy on living our life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment of our life with them. We can share our innermost desires and pains with the people whom we trust. To a greater extent, it helps us achieving our dreams. It also ease the pain that seemed so unbearable when were all alone.

Trust leads to a much richer and healthier life. The best part of trust is it bears a very sweet fruit i.e. the peace of mind.

Life always gives us many second chances, but it’s always disguised. We find it very hard to notice the second chances in our life. I believe and hope a lot on second chances given by life. Many of us may or may not get second chances most of the time, but when we do have a second chance our heart should be wide open for this special opportunity given by our life. In fact I am very lucky in this matter as I had many “second chances” in my life. Second chances, also the so-called “coincidences” that happens in our life. The coincidences in our life could be because of our dreams being converted into reality or it could be a trap set by our foes with their hidden selfish negative intentions.

In life, we will always get second chances. The only thing that should be remembered is that we should be open for it….At times when we think hard we will find that many of us find it very difficult to understand and learn simple things in life. Why we find these simple stuffs difficult to follow? The answer to this is merely very simple. The simple things which we find it hard to understand should be made enjoyable. What ever we do we need to enjoy the feel of doing it. When we enjoy the simple things that we make in our life it’s truly rewarding, the happiness that we get can’t be measured by any means.

Everyone, in this world are busy in their everyday life. They rarely get time to spend time with their dear ones. They all have very well learnt how to strive in this competing world. They have learnt all the tactics to compete, to win, to live their life .But having learnt all these tactics they have forgotten the simple things of life. They have lost the beauty of understanding the simple things of life. Many of them have forgotten how to smile, to enjoy the smell of fresh mud, the sound of chirping birds, the roar of water waves at oceans.

People have become so busy with setting up their career and striving for success in life. They have forgotten their family and their dear ones. Many do regret later in their life that they have lost most precious moments of their life. If asked any top business tycoons of the world, they will surely regret that they have never been able to give time to their near and dear ones. They also regret that they were so busy in their business that they have missed to see the smiles of their children. If they were granted the second chance in their life they would surely want to enjoy these precious moments of their life.

There are many a times life will offer us second chance ….but are we aware of it?????No, most of us won’t be aware of it. It’s very difficult to tame our mind and control it as per our wish. One thing that we can certainly predict about our mind is that it is absolutely uncertain. It is a madhouse. Most of the time, our mind will be filled with random, unconnected and meaningless thoughts. Always there remains a constant chattering noise of our worries in our mind’s background. Life is very unpredictable at times and we truly have a little control over our life and mind. We should learn to curb our desires and expectations from life. This will 100% help to avoid major disappointment and unhappiness in our life.

We should learn to approach our thoughts and decisions positively in life. We should be grateful for the small happiness and simple pleasures in our life. The key source to success and happiness is what we do and act when life seems to blind side us. During that period of time, the action taken by us matters a lot. Great people have always said”Use your past as a positive stepping stone, rather than an obstacle”. Recently, I realized the truth in this statement when I was given second chance in my life. It was very hard for me to realize the second chance given by life to me. It was the sole support given by my parents and close friends that I was made to realize this fact. Thanks to them that I learnt a very important lesson in my life i.e. always remember the event occurred in your past and handle it with hope and courage. Never be disheartened and lose hope in your life.

We should Tune our current situation and also should move on from those old mistakes of our life. It’s not wise to repeat them again in our life. It’s misusing of the second chance given by life. Our mind may loiter with thoughts from past to present and present to past. We should come over all these and try to remind our self to let go of the past mistakes and focus on what’s currently going on. We should try to make a new start of living in the world of faith and optimism. We should expect that life will give us what we need and give when we need it. This is a long way process, we should be very patient and wait for best things in our life.

In fact, in Hindu mythology the word “second chance” is equivalent to reincarnation. Every life is a chance given to us, but chance for what????The choice of utilizing this chance is solely in our hands. It’s true that we really can’t control our life .But we should decide whether we want to utilize this second chance for our betterment and be our on best friend or just let go off that chance and be our own worst enemy.

It is perhaps very true that we always get second chance in our life. The question is: do we have that courage, willingness and patience to accept this second chance. We should be able to make different choice the second time and there should be no regrets in our life. We should open our heart wide and accept the opportunity .The opportunity given is just like a blessing in disguise and we should make fruitful use of this opportunity.

Second chances allow people to make those vital corrections and also allow people to make the same mistakes, thus making the impact of those mistakes even harder. If we had not don’t that mistake in our life we would never have learnt the impact of our mistake and moved ahead in our life. We would have been stuck with our mistake and remain stagnant in our life. We would never have known the bright side of our life. The power lies with us to make a difference in our life and move ahead in our life. It’s incomplete with the support and encouragement of our near and dear ones.

You make the choice; the power to make a choice rests solely in your hands!!!

Thank God we all don’t get what we expect in our life. At times expecting a lot doesn’t seem to work out. Instead, God grants us with second chances. We all get his grace and he helps us to shape our future in a better way than we thought previously. Seriously the second chance in our life is god’s blessing in disguise.

Yesterday, while I was thinking of a topic for my next blog; I received a message which stated that “The time is the most elastic thing in the world” .Its so true! That’s the reason why I picked up this topic for my blog. Time lengthens, when we wait for the right time in our life and it shorthens when we seem to enjoy our life to the fullest. We feel that life is so short. We crave for more time in our life. Time is an entity which is the most valuable asset of our life. It is a very important factor in every one’s life. No one can ever escape from the time’s grasping hands. It’s very important that we make the best possible use of precious time in our life; we can improve ourselves and achieve the set goals of our life.

The most precious thing in our life is Time. Everyone is familiar with a famous adage which states, "Time and tide wait for none." If we fail to make the proper / wise use of time, later on for the rest of our life we will surely regret for wasting time. If a question is posed say” Will we get back this time again in our life? The answer would be: No, this passed time will never come back in our life. Once time is gone, it will never return . Whether everyone agree with me or not I feel that what we are today is basically because of our actions taken in the past and the actions that we will be taking today will help to change our life and our future. The actions taken by us to should be correct and wise enough. Therefore right from today we should act towards our life’s goals; otherwise the time which we would waste will never come back to us.

If i was asked to choose between money and time. My choice would obviously be time. I feel time is more powerful than money in this world. Time is priceless and it never waits for anyone .The value of time is undoubtedly incredible. It is something that we cannot regain once it slips fro our hands. But it is impossible to get back that point of time that has slipped away from our hand. Therefore, one must be very careful about spending it. Whereas Money is something which most people crave in their life. They never get satisfied with the money they have, they long for more money in their life. The more money you get or earn, the more money you want. If we lose money we can gain it back, we can earn hard to get more money. The money is usually used to buy goods and other essential commodities of our life; it’s not everything because it can’t buy time. But once we lose time we will lose it forever. To state few examples about the importance of time are as follows: if a student doesn’t seem to care about his study time properly may fail in his exams, if a Patient not given medication on time may die due to his illness. How important even a single second is can be known from a person who has lost time. No person can defeat time.

Time can bring money but money cannot bring back the time, time once swept away cannot be brought back .I would say time incredibly has a magic wand with it, which can change everything in a split second .The richest person of the world can become a beggar and a beggar can become crorepathi in just a couple of seconds. The time sometimes brings along with it lots of friendly people in our life and at times we will be only surrounded with foes. The time makes things to happen or occur according to our wish but at times nothing will seem to work as per our wish. Time can also heal our wounds or make it worse wanting us to suffer more. Everything remains in the fists of the powerful time.

We hear most of them complaining (including me) saying that “I don’t have time” / “we don’t get enough time” / “where’s time to do all this!” / “how can we manage so many things at once” so on. Everyone gets only 24 hrs in a day; no one will ever get a single second more than 24 hrs .Every morning we get precious 24 hrs of day with us. It’s up to us how we decide to utilize it. We need to prioritize by our self deciding what we want to do, to utilize this precious time. To take the maximum benefit of our time firstly we should organize our self very well or else we will regret later after some one takes away our precious time. Now the question lies is “How to manage time very well?”The answer to this question is not same for every person. It differs from person to person. It’s mainly because what is important for me may not be same for the other person. It’s very important that we assign priorities and then utilize the time very wisely. It’s important to understand our priority and our goals set in our life. No one can change our life unless we have an inner desire to bring changes in our life.

According to the saying “Take time to work for it is the price of Success; but never take time to waste.” we should be so careful while spending our time. It’s a very important asset in our life which even money can’t buy .Life is very beautiful, so enjoy it and take time to think and plan for future which rests solely in our hands. The world has become a busy centre where people do not have time to peek and look into others life. God has given us such a beautiful world of life; we should take time to think and plan to live a fruitful life and a meaningful life.

The word concentration refers to the ability of directing our thinking or focusing hard on something without any distraction. No matter whether we are studying, doing our work, playing etc .the key meaning of concentration is to focus on our task at hand and eliminate any sort of external disturbance or disturbance in our mind.

Sometimes many of us lack the ability to concentrate. If we think of the times when many of us get "lost" in something that we enjoy the most like: a sport, playing music, watching a movie. We give 100% Total concentration. When the topic of studying comes to picture most of us lack that 100% of our concentration.

Many of us complain saying “we are not able to concentrate or focus”. Few reasons for making such a statement is: Firstly, the students may find study material boring if filled only with textual passages with no pictures or animations in them. If I m not wrong many will agree with me that these kinds of study materials make students feel very sleepy and lose their concentration. A simple solution to this problem would be to just modify the boring study material into something interesting that will fascinate everyone who will go through it. We should convert the entire textual passages into a picture so that it will be easy to understand, remember and also no need of going through entire textual passages. Just a glance on that picture will enable us to remember the whole study material. The other important reasons for lack of concentration has to be disturbing thoughts or worries in one’s mind .The worries which distracts us the most i.e. the outside distractions which takes us away before we know about it.

Humans mind is like a wild monkey which is not stable many a times. It gets very easily distracted to outer disturbances if not controlled. There are basically two kinds of concentration the wrong concentration and a right concentration . Wrong concentration is a concentration of an uncontrolled mind. We all know very well that human needs and his wish list is unlimited and at times very selfish and mean. Concentration developed in the minds of such a human is termed as wrong concentration. This type of concentration is always accompanied by ill-will or hatred for others. If we do something good without any selfishness or without thinking ill-will of others, the concentration in doing that task is termed to be the right concentration. It accompanies a wholesome mind or wholesome mental states.

Lord Buddha told once to his disciple that “Monks develop concentration A person whose Mind is concentrated understands things as they are”. He actually meant that by practicing meditation we develop concentration. Wholeheartedly I agree to this statement its only through meditation we can achieve 100% of our concentration. When our mind is concentrated we can actually focus, penetrate and see the real understanding of nature of things around us. This means that it’s through meditation we are able to get total concentration and get the real knowledge.

To illustrate the above mentioned point, we shall consider a glass full of muddy water with small particles in it. We wont be able differentiate between the tiny mud stones and small particles. We only visualize it as a glass filled with muddy water. But when these mud stones and small particles gets settled down to the bottom of glass the water turns out to be clear and we can see any tiny particles put in this clear water through glass. Similarly when our mind is concentrated, all our mental disturbances are subdued or they settle down. When all these mental disturbances settle down, our mind becomes very clear and this mind is said to gain concentration. With the total concentration we see through the real nature of things happening. While practicing Meditation, Concentration is a very important without having true concentration we can’t understand the real nature of things. Understanding the real nature of things truly are means seeing things clearly and knowing what they are and what are their features and so on.

Meditation is a best practice to get right concentration. Other than Meditation there are a few techniques which students can follow to attain concentration .I personally do follow these techniques they are very simple to be followed. While studying, one should firstly search a silent place and fix this very place for him to study daily. Avoid using mobiles and any external disturbances and distractions. Make a study timetable, fix some goals and follow them efficiently. Before we begin to study, take a few minutes to summarize what was studied on previous day. During my schooling I had attended a talk delivered by Mr. Amir Hassan. I still remember his words, it keeps echoing in my mind every time. He said it’s very important for a student to follow 3 R’s .The 3 R’s are Read, Revise, and Recall. He said that its doesn’t count how many times a student reads through the same topic ,the ultimate factor that counts is how well a student can recall what he has studied. He advised every student to recall what they studied on that day, every point that they had studied should be recalled before going to bed. The words told by him were so true .It really helps a lot to develop the right concentration among students.

Right Concentration is an important factor. When that concentration becomes very strong enough we will be able to can see the real nature of things. Perceive the real knowledge and peace in our minds. Our life will be filled with content and happiness.

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